Friday, November 9, 2007

Hooray Friday!

- Apparently, Radiohead is planning to record (or has already recorded) a webcast this week. Some reports I've read say it was to happen on Wednesday, others say Friday. In any event, keep your eyes and ears open for when it will actually appear online.

- More Radiohead... While I can't view this now because I'm at work, I don't want to leave your Radiohead thirst unquenched. MOKB has a little for ya (I think covering Bjork).

- In "who cares" news, Garth Brooks surpassed the King as the top selling solo artist. I wonder if Garth's totals include that weird period when he was known as the creepy Chris Gaines. The Beatles are still #1 of all artists. I hope I never live to see the day when Garth moves past them... that may signal the end of the world. Thanks to Product Shop for the depressing news.

- Aquarium Drunkard has a so-so review of the I'm Not There soundtrack. I haven't listened to it yet, but wasn't really impressed with the Eddie Vedder and the Million Dollar Bashers take of "All Along the Watchtower". I was surprised to read that renditions by Stephen Malkmus, Karen O. (of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs) and Jeff Tweedy weren't anything special, while good old John "f-ing" Doe cranked out "a faithful, but impressive, version of 'Pressing On'."

- I am fuel has a few songs in this week's Monday Music Roundup that caught my ear. Mike Doughty's (former Soul Coughing frontman) single from his new album due out in '08 is sweet. Also, check out the Lions in the Street cover of Neil Young and The Coup's head-bopping "Mutiny". Funky!

- Kings of Leon and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club just released a split EP in iTunes. Thanks to Ultra8201 for dropping some k.

- Holy Wu-Tang, Batman! 29 new and unreleased tracks up on Gorilla vs. Bear and

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