Friday, November 30, 2007

Hooray Friday!

- Year-end lists are starting to pop up. Check out Seattle Weekly, Harp's (via Brooklyn Vegan), and a few via Product Shop NYC. Holy crap, John "f-ing" Doe's latest cracked Anne Litt's top ten on the last link. I can't wait to hear what Jude has to say about that.

- Ultra 8201 throws out some EP info on Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (out Dec 4)and Interpol (already released).

- Jonny Greenwood creative engergy must be running on overdrive. His orginal score to the upcoming film There Will Be Blood will be released on Dec 18. I've been so-so on his solo efforts - I keep waiting for Thom Yorke to chime in. In any event, you can stream via Nonesuch. Thanks to Gorilla vs. Bear for the K.

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