Friday, June 20, 2008

Hooray Friday!

- Tokyo Police Club covers The Rentals' "Friend of P" in support of Friends of P, who raises awareness funds with the Lupus Foundation of America. Thanks to Butter Team for the mp3 and links.

- Good stuff here! "Be Mine Everyone" by Sam Champion is a must listen. MOKTB goes one step further and hooks us up with the link to a free EP on the Sam Champion website.

- Pink Floyd fans rejoice! Aquarium Drunkard has their Peel Session which aired on BBC radio in 1970.

- Coldplay played a free concert at Brixton Academy on Monday to celebrate the release of Viva La Vida. I still have yet to make it through the entire album - just not that impressed yet. Thanks to I am full for zipping it up for us.

- Double shot for I am fuel who's posted a live set from Kings of Leon, who just completed their fourth album.

- Those crazy kids in Radiohead are just full of ideas. They're having a contest where fans were asked to create animated videos for the songs from In Rainbows and have narrowed it down to 13 finalists. Check them out and vote here. Thanks to Ultra 8201 for the K.

- Clipse's first single, "Fast Life" from their upcoming release is out and Gorilla vs. Bear provides the love.

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