Monday, August 18, 2008

The Hold Steady - 9:30 Club (8/14/08)

Good ticket karma is a beautiful thing. I showed up for the sold-out Hold Steady concert on Thursday thinking I was straight with a ticket (courtesy of some character on Craigslist). Unfortunately the bastard was a no-show and I was forced to quickly reevaluate the situation and come up with an alternate plan of attack. As I stood there contemplating my options, a guy who had a few extra tickets and was eager to get into the concert handed his extras to the lady working the ticket window and asked her to give them to whoever needed a ticket. After pinching myself a few times to check that I wasn't dreaming, I walked up to the window and asked the lady if she happened to have an extra ticket. Haha yes! I was already looking forward to seeing The Hold Steady in concert. Seeing them for free... eh niiiice!

These fellas sure do bring it in concert - something you wouldn't initially expect when you look at them. They came out of the blocks running and didn't let up for almost 2 hours. I'm a huge fan of their most recent effort, Stay Positive and hearing almost every track off of it on Thursday made me appreciate it even more. Their enthusiasm was infectious and efforts were definitely appreciated - so much so that the crowd hung around screaming and chanting even after the house lights went up. And in a truly classy move, The Hold Steady returned to thank their fans with one last song. Not bad for $0!

RatBat Bear might be pitching a tent because The Hold Steady and Drive-By Truckers just announced a fall tour that swings through State College. And while it's not from their current tour, NPR has a few of The Hold Steady's concerts and a studio session up on their website.

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