Monday, January 28, 2008

This week's late night TV lineup

Man, this almost isn't worth the post...

Late Show w/David Letterman
. Monday - The Whigs

Friday, January 25, 2008

Hooray Friday!

- The Coachella lineup was released earlier this week and I haven’t seen a lot of positive comments around the blogosphere. While I think that the overall lineup isn’t too bad, it definitely lacks the heavy hitters that Coachella has delivered in years past. No offense to Jack Johnson, but there’s no way he should be the headliner, even if it’s the first day of the festival.

- This week, the lineup for Harley-Davidson’s 105th Anniversary summerfest in Milwaukee was released as well and gives Coachella a run for their money.

- Of Montreal covers M.I.A.’s “Jimmy and You Ain’t No Picasso has it for your enjoyment.

- Tapes ‘n Tapes’ new album, Walk It Off is due out on April 8th. P-Fork has an interview with TnT frontman Josh Grier. To wet your whistle, check out the You Ain’t No Picasso post from August with live versions of two of the tracks.

- More new album news. Let’s Sexy Fighting has the title track from Hot Chip’s latest, Made in the Dark set for a Feb 5th release.

- I'm not a big Arcade Fire fan, but I do recognize the fact that almost everyone else is. They've released a short film for "Black Mirror" and also the song's individual parts (i.e. drums, acappella). Gorilla vs. Bear provides the links.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Triumph at a Bon Jovi concert

I'm not going to lie - this is long (8 minutes, 31 seconds to be exact), but damn it's funny. Triumph the insult dog goes to the Bon Jovi concert in their home state of NJ and interviews fans and the band themselves. This must be from at least last year, as Richie Sambora was still married to Heather Locklear. Those who stick it out to the end will be rewarded by seeing Triumph indulge in the wacky tabbacky with the roadies and ask hottie Heather about Richie's pubic hair grooming habits.

Monday, January 21, 2008

This week's late night TV lineup

Late Show w/David Letterman
  • Monday - Ringo Starr
  • Tuesday - Josh Ritter
  • Wednesday - The Redwalls
  • Thursday - Super Furry Animals

Late Late Show w/Craig Ferguson

  • Thursday - Ringo Starr

Why don't you cry about it?

Gotta love this. A few Tar Heel fans were actually crying after their team lost to Maryland this weekend. Come on ladies, sack up! Not only is it just the regular season, but it was also UNC's first loss of the year. Next stop for these girls - The Maury Povich Show.
[Mr. Irrelevant]

Apparently fans up in Green Bay are cut from a different cloth, where it was a tit bit nippley for yesterday's NFC Championship game. Single-digit temperatures didn't keep the Bikini Girls away. These ladies are rough - they're rough and tough. Hopefully the fans around them wore some protective eye gear. It's all fun and games until someone gets poked in the eye. Next stop for these ladies? You guessed it - Girls Gone Wild.

[GB Packers Blog]

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Band of Horses - Morning Becomes Eclectic


I was going to include this in the week’s recap, but figured that these guys deserve a post all to themselves...

It kills me that I missed Band of Horses come through DC not once, not twice, but three times in the past six months. Believe it not, prior engagements kept me from attending any and all of them. To make matters worse, the LOML has become a bit obsessed with Ben Bridwell and the boys. One day she rotated between Cease to Begin and Everything All the Time for probably eight straight hours and then made a fuss when I finally cut it off (needless to say, one of the albums "found" its way back into the CD player when I went to the bathroom). And the final dagger was that RatBat Bear scored FRONT ROW tickets to their upcoming show in State College, PA courtesy of his better half. Lucky bastard!

I came across an interview/set from Morning Becomes Eclectic on KCRW while browsing around the NPR website. Yeah it’s from September but better late than never, right? I’m actually listening to it right now and it’s just what the doctor ordered for a Saturday morning (almost afternoon). Anyway, there are some diddies from both albums and listening to it makes me regret not seeing these shaggy bastards in concert even more (and makes me envy RBB more too). Plus it has an interview with Bridwell sprinkled through the performance. He's is just like you’d imagine he would be from his looks and music – cool and down to earth. Not many people could pull off a beard like that, but Ben does it well and entertains the hell out of us at the same time.

Hooray Saturday morning!

Had to cut it off last night because I could barely keep my eyes open. More to report though, so enjoy the double-shot this week...

- Okkervil River released Golden Opportunities, an album of live covers that is only available for download on their website. Thanks to Metro D for dropping the K.

- Artic Monkeys covered Amy Winehouse's "You Know I'm No Good" and it's over on Let's Sexy Fighting. Not bad.

- Word is that Coachella (the west coast version) will announce this year's lineup on Monday. I'd assume it would be done through it's website.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Hooray Friday!

- Scarlett Johansson is incredibly hot. That's a fact. Tom Waits songs are quality stuff. Another fact. I'm not sure that the two smashed together will be so good though. I guess we'll find out on May 6th, when her album of Tom Waits covers is released.

- Check out the interesting piece on about the Brooklyn music scene with comments from Yeasayer, Grizzly Bear and more.

- Did you miss Radiohead's gig on Wednesday night? If so, NME has the videos posted.

- Butter Team discusses the Walkmen's new album with frontman, Hamilton Leithauser and posted some tracks from it as well.

- Coachella may be putting together a festival for the east coast to enjoy this year. Possibly NY or NJ in August as reported by my fingers won't let me link that trashy site, so I'll link the release on NME.

Monday, January 14, 2008

This week's late night TV lineup

Every network but CBS are on their asses with updating late night guests.

Late Show w/David Letterman
  • Thursday - The Mars Volta

Late Late Show w/Craig Ferguson

  • Monday - Lupe Fiasco

Friday, January 11, 2008

To Croc or not to Croc?

I try to stay away from the celebrity gossip. Yeah, I've been known to tune into a reality show or two, but Entertainment Tonight, TMZ, Perez Hilton - that shit rots the brain. The closest I get to it is The Soup on E!.

It's a different story for the LOML, though. She digs on all of that big time - can't get enough of it. If you want to see someone blow through the latest Us magazine while hitting up an all-day marathon of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" and during commercial breaks clicking through Perez Hilton on the web, come to our house on a weekend. It truly is a sight to see.

Where was I going with this? Oh yeah - occasionally the gossip shows/websites say or write something amusing. As was the case last week and the LOML passed this my way. While I could care less that Anthony Kiedis is wearing Crocs, the comment from Dlisted is priceless...

"I don't care if those things feel like the inside of a velvet vagina, they are hideous!"

Hooray Friday!

- Interesting Beck interview from the late-90s on An Aquarium Drunkard. I go back and forth on Beck's music, but I've come to the conclusion that I really need to be in the mood to listen to his stuff. If I'm not, he annoys the shit out of me.

- Trent Reznor... some of the stuff that comes out of his mouth is clearly douche-esque. But he actually put out a sensible, well thought-out and most importantly, understandable post on his website about the music industry today. Thanks to Metro D for the K.

- Belle and Sebastian covered Dinosaur Jr.'s "Freak Scene" and You Ain't No Picaso provides the link as well as a video of their Van Halen "Jump" cover.

- I am fuel continues her Pearl Jam obsession with demos from Eddie Vedder's Into the Wild soundtrack.

- A double-shot from I am fuel. The Black Crowes new album Warpaint is out March 4th - their first single, "Goodbye Daughters of the Revolution" is out now.

- The first round of confirmations for this year's Coachella are out now and Ultra 8201 is on the case.

- Daytrotter has a 4-song live set from Rogue Wave with an unreleased track. Good stuff!

Get your tour dates here!

Tour dates have been announced for the following:

Radiohead sure knows how to dangle the carrot in front of us effectively. The other day they released just the cities they'd be hitting on the North American leg(s) of their tour. Now there are venues and dates rumored, which includes August stops at Citizens Bank Park, Fenway Park, Grant Park and Giants Stadium. Don't get too excited yet - according to MOKB, these are questionable.

Monday, January 7, 2008

This week's late night TV lineup

Not really sure why ABC and NBC don't have guests posted on their websites...

Jimmy Kimmel Live!
. Monday - Velvet Revolver

Late Show w/David Letterman
. Wednesday - Check Prophet

Late Late Show w/Craid Ferguson
. Monday - RZA
. Tuesday - Rogue Wave
. Friday - Spoon

Friday, January 4, 2008

Hooray Friday!

- Miss the Radiohead webcast? Check out their YouTube channel whenever you want or CurrentTV at very inconvenient times.

- Last week they teased us with a video, this week they give us a little more. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds have posted the title track from their upcoming album DIG, LAZARUS, DIG on their website. Also, April 8th has been announced as the US release date. Rockin'!

- NME has two short videos of pretty funny interviews with QOTSA.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Tourgasm? More like Boregasm

There are certain things that I just can't wrap my brain around. One of them is how Dane Cook continues to make a living being funny. This guy isn't remotely amusing - plus he looks like a douche. Yet he's in movies, has HBO specials, dates hotties and now holds the record for the longest set at the Laugh Factory in LA. Seven hours?? I can't imagine sitting through anything for that long. But throw Dane Cook in the mix and that's just plain torture. I'd rather poke my eyes out with a dull object.

Laughable comment from the Houston Chronicle article - "Dane Cook is funny at times but 7 hours would require hard drugs."