Friday, November 21, 2008

Kings of Leon - Constitution Hall (11/10/08)

I was back and forth for awhile on this concert, but ultimately decided to go because I figured this might be the last opportunity to see these guys in a venue this small. I didn't want to be kicking myself in a few years when they were playing the likes of Verizon Center or Nissan Pavilion. I've tasted that medicine with Coldplay, Foo Fighters and a few others and boy is it bitter. Plus I scored a floor ticket so I figured what the hell.

I know that Kings of Leon is huge across the pond and can't quite figure out why they haven't caught on in the states. The way they played at Constitution Hall, it's just a matter of time. They play to the crowd, but not too much. Guitar solos, but not too much. Smoke and lights, but not too much. The only thing big about the concert was their sound and it was awesome to experience in a smaller venue. My advice is to see them now, before you find yourself up in the nosebleeds and they look like ants crawling around.

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