Thursday, April 30, 2009

A bad music day

I decided while walking to work this morning that new music was going to be the theme for the day. Okay, some of my selections were not-so-new but they were new to me. Problem was that they were terrible... all of them. I can't remember where I read/heard about any of these but I wrote them down for a reason. Maybe I made a list of albums to stay away from? I don't know what the hell I was reading or thinking, but I do know that there's now some extra space on my iPod (about five albums worth). These bad boys don't even get a second listen:
  • Tinted Windows - Tinted Windows
  • The Sounds - Dying to Say This to You
  • Dungen - 4
  • Mavado - Mr. Brooks... a Better Tomorrow
  • The Dream - Love vs Money

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