Thursday, May 28, 2009

The National - 9:30 Club (5/25/09)

It seems like the National has been touring for over three years without many breaks. While I’m loving it because it’s given me the opportunity to see them three times, it has to take its toll on the band. They were initially scheduled at the 9:30 for two shows over as many nights, but after both shows sold out in no time, they added a late show to the first night. I had a ticket to see them on the second night… would they have anything left in the tank by the time they got to their third show in two days?

Silly me for questioning these guys. Accompanied by a three-piece horns section and keyboardist, they ripped through all parts of their catalog for over an hour and a half. Lead singer, Matt Berninger was even more engaging with the crowd than I remembered. They even broke out a few new songs - "Vanderlylle," "Blood Buzz" and kicked the night off with "Runaway" (see below - thanks to I am Fuel). It's hard to describe the intensity and sincerity they bring to their shows... it's just something you have to experience.

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