Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Low Anthem on NPR

I caught the Low Anthem in December opening for Josh Ritter and got a chance to meet 2/3 of the band after their set. Since that time, they've been on Letterman twice (okay, the second time was a rerun), incorporated a fourth member in the band, recorded material for their third album and secured a bunch of dates for their first headlining tour in the US. Yesterday they kicked off a dozen dates in Europe and this Sunday, they begin The Trala-Lala Radio Hour, a weekly show they're hosting on WOXY. Why can't we all have a two month stretch like that?

NPR's Tiny Desk Concert web-series just posted a pretty cool three song set. They sure do make some beautiful music, even with two cells at the end of their second song, "This God Damn House."


PeopleTree Films said...

Let's go see them again when they come back to the 9:30 club. Also, I want to go see The Soundtrack of Our Lives at Black Cat in Feb. You in?

Gus said...

Definitely want to see the Low Anthem again. I was impressed that they scored the 9:30 on their 1st headlining tour... well deserved! Marked Feb 18th on my calendar for Soundtrack at the BC.

Anonymous said...

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