Friday, February 19, 2010

I get lost even in the places that I know...

There's nothing like finding good music by accident... okay, maybe that' s overshooting it a bit, but you catch my drift. I originally recorded Austin City Limits a few weeks ago to check out the Avett Brothers and see what all of the fuss was about. After a few songs, I was still trying to figure it out. In my state of disappointment, I almost deleted the episode before giving the Heartless Bastards a listen. That would've been a gross error in judgment.

Right out of the gate, "Hold Your Head High" blew me away - so much so that I rewound it a few times before moving onto the rest of their set. Five songs later, I sat there pleasantly surprised and want more. I downloaded their latest release, The Mountain and it's been getting some frequent play on my iPod. It's nothing revolutionary, not mind-altering either - but I like their old-school sound and the stank of Erika Wennerstrom's voice sure is addicting. Unfortunately, they just finished touring with Wolfmother so who knows when I'll get a chance to catch them live. Until then, do me a favor and give "Hold Your Head High" a whirl, by clicking here and starting just after the 30 minute mark of the video.

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