Thursday, November 29, 2007

The concert that was just not meant to be

I had a nice little Tuesday night planned. I hadn't been to a concert since the last time I saw the National at the 9:30 Club in the beginning of September. The Cold War Kids were playing at the 9:30 Club, but it was sold out. I saw them open for Muse in August and was mildly impressed, although I think it had more to do with the fact that the venue (Patriot Center) dwarfed them. I felt like being a bit adventurous, so I decided on heading to the Black Cat instead to catch Dinosaur Jr. No ticket in hand, but it wasn’t sold out. I figured they would hit the stage around 10, so if I got there by 9 I’d be money.

Flashback to 8:15 PM. I was ready to walk out of the house when I looked down and saw a little critter sneak under the closet door. Being the man of the house (ha ha), I felt like it was my obligation to investigate further and empty out the closet. Houston, we have a mouse!

I headed to Target and picked up a few mouse traps and set those bad boys up in the kitchen. By now, it was 9:15 but I was still confident that I could make the concert. Unfortunately, I lost my bearings in DC and parked way far from the Black Cat. By the time I found an ATM machine and finally made it to the Black Cat, it was sold out. DAMN!

I briefly considered hanging around to see if I could scrounge up an extra ticket from someone, but figured that I’d be better off cutting my losses and calling it a night. Luckily, I had My Morning Jacket’s Okonokos in my car so at least I got to hear some live music. Great album by the way - thanks for that LBJ.

I guess I had this coming. I’ve lucked out at the last few concerts I’ve attended by getting either tickets to sold out shows or good seats at the last minute. Nothing against Dinosaur Jr., but I’m not too broken up that my luck ran out for this show.

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