Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hooray Friday!

- Miss Radiohead and the USC Marching Band at the Grammys or just want to see it again? MOKB has the hook up.

- Wanna be depressed? Well then take a gander at the amount of greenbacks that the top musicians made in '08. While looking at this list, a few things:
  • How can the Jonas Brothers rake in $62 million? Even if 12 year old girls think they're the bees knees, they don't have much talent. Jealous? You bet your sweet bippy I am.
  • $242 million?? I can't even fathom that amount of money. Oh wait, I forgot how much Madonna concert tickets cost.
  • I don't want to ever hear any of these characters complaining about the hardships of the music business or life on the road.
  • The Jonas Bros??? Seriously??
Thanks to Brooklyn Vegan for the swift kick in the nuts.

- TV on the Radio's been getting a lot of love over the past few weeks, appearing on SNL and the Colbert Report just to name a few. Check out their interview (begins after 2nd line break) and performance (3rd line break) on the Colbert Report website. I'm still waiting for their DC dates to be announced...

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