Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Wire's final season

Hell yeah! For those of you who haven't given HBO's The Wire a chance, you are truly missing out. It's like Law and Order with a huge set of spunk pumps. Drugs, politics, corruption, fights, murders, sex, lesbians, drunk ducks... what more could you ask for?? The 5th and final season kicks off on Sunday, January 6th. While I'll hate to see it go, I'm anxious as hell to see how David Simon (creator) ends it.

Bonus! Season 4 is now available on HBO on Demand.


JK said...

hell yes is right. i'm on episode 4 of season 4 right now. trying to plow through this before season 5 starts up. i'm not sure there's even been a better show on tv.

Gus said...

Agreed. HBO is losing yet another quality show. They really need to bring back Deadwood to keep things going.