Friday, October 26, 2007

Hooray Friday!

- More Prince than you can shake a purple-colored stick at... MOKB provides us with a surprising number of "When Doves Cry" covers.

- Not sure how I missed this last week. Ever wonder what the original track list for Neil Young's Chrome Dreams was? Aquarium Drunkard enables us to listen to what many expert think. Then, they blow the doors off with some more Neil Young love.

- I can't believe it. Hall and Oats announced their 2007 tour and the DC area gets no love. Damnit! Philly's the closest and that's a bit too far for this guy. I saw these guys when I lived in South Cackalacky (8th row) and they were honestly pretty entertaining. Brooklyn Vegan quenches our thirst with the dates and some videos.

- The Verve just needs to accept the fact that all they'll ever be known for is "Bittersweet Symphony". It's a quality song and then to make matters worse, they used it for the end of Cruel Intentions when an innocent and hot Reese Whitherspoon drives off into the sunset. In any event, NME has their first new track in 10 years (until Oct 28th). Thanks to Product Shop NYC for the knowledge.

- Looks like the Radiohead-way is catching on. The Liars are offering up Liars Sessions, an EP of sorts containing 4 demos for free here.

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