Monday, October 1, 2007

Weekend recap

Besides the Eagles not showing up for their Sunday night game against the Giants, this weekend was a good one. The Phightin' Phils finishing their blistering late season run to win the NL East probably tops it all. My friend's bachelor party is a close 2nd. We never made it to a nudey bar, which is probably a good thing because we experienced so much more in B-more...

  • 2 rows of Yankees' fans that were directly behind us getting booted from the Yanks/O's game
  • Max's - possibly the best all-around bar I've been to
  • Magic Hat Celebration ??? (can't remember the last part) - A delicious beer that cleanses the palate while clearing the sinuses. You'd never know that 10% of that bad boy is alcohol until you're face-down on the floor
  • The girl that pounded beers faster than guys... that was until she threw up in the bathroom
  • A 3-way lady lip lock. I would have thought I was dreaming/drunk if I didn't see the pictures the next morning

1 comment:

wifey said...

but pizza by the river with the LOYL was probably the highlight right ruessy????