Friday, May 23, 2008

Hooray Friday!

- New Beck kids! "Chemtrails" is the first single from his upcoming album. While I'm not a huge Beck fan, it sounds pretty solid.

- P-fork has a handy guide to this year's festivals. Yet another year of me not attending one of these. I'm thinking it ain't ever going to happen.

- Death Cab for Cutie performed "I Will Possess..." on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Thanks to the Music Slut.

- If you haven't heard Attack & Release yet, you're missing out. The Black Keys swung through NPR studios and performed 3 songs for World Cafe. You can also check out their concert at the 9:30 Club on All Songs Considered - can't believe I missed it.

- More NPR goodness with Hot Chip on World Cafe. October can't come soon enough, when these cats roll through through DC again...

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