Friday, September 12, 2008

Hooray Friday!

- New music:
  • The Rosebuds, "Life Like," Life Like (Oct 7th), Ear Farm (link to stream entire album is also on that page)
- Looking for a Radiohead bootleg from their latest tour? Head over to Music is Art where they have the Mansfield, MA concert from last month posted and zipped up for easy downloading access. Cruise up a few posts and you'll find some of Radiohead's Neil Young covers. Thanks and congrats to LBJ.

- Can't get enough of Neil Young? Have a listen to Rogue Wave covering Neil Young's "Birds" over at I am fuel.

- La Blogotheque filmed two a capella videos of Yeasayer in an apartment and on a train. Thanks to Ulta 8201 for the K.

- The first album you bought with your own $$? Unfortunately I can't remember the first album I bought, and unfortunately I can remember the first CD I bought - the Batman soundtrack. Effing embarrassing. Anywho, the A.V. Club asks the same question to its staff and readers.

1 comment:

RatBat Bear said...

My first CD was Pearl Jam's Ten. Remember when they came in the tall cardboard hickeys?