Monday, September 22, 2008

The Kooks - 9:30 Club (9/8/08)

Was I expecting the amazingness that was MMJ at Constitution Hall the week prior? No, and I was fine with that. Honestly I think my brain would have exploded if I had another experience like that less than a week later. As RatBat Bear put it "great Brit pop fun!" That's what I was in the mood for and that's exactly what the Kooks delivered.

With that being said it still took me a few songs to get my wits about me. I walked in just a few minutes before they took the stage and when they did it was obvious that the crowd was female heavy. Thankfully the cheering wasn't quite at the ear-popping, overwhelming shrieking level but it was definitely an octave or 2 higher than the standard crowd noise. And of course I found a decent spot upstairs until an overly exited 6'5" dancing man stood right in front of me. Luckily he came there for the concert and the beer, so it wasn't long before he was off to refill his beverage.

While I only had a few days take in Inside In Inside Out, it was enough to be decently familiar with the songs when they came up in the setlist. They played a solid main set that lasted just over an hour. Lead man Luke Pritchard kicked off the encore with two solo, acoustic songs which was a nice touch. All in all it was an entertaining show - good sound and they played to the crowd rather well.

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