Sunday, July 1, 2007

Everything we hate about concerts

I have to say, Ear Farm pretty much hit it on the head with this one - Bitter? Maybe. Negative? Probably. Creative? Definitely. Funny? Absolutely.

A to Z of what can make a concert take a turn for the worse. Unfortunately, I can relate to just about every one of them too. My top 3 (I guess it would actually be bottom 3)?
  1. Expensive beer - So much so that I rarely drink at concerts anymore. Okay, maybe I'll have one. The only non-offender that I can think of off the top of my head is draft PBRs at Black Cat.
  2. Heat - Outdoors or indoors. What can I say, I sweat (a lot).
  3. Douche bags - forget about the rest of Ear Farm's statement after those two words. In my opinion it should be douche bags, period. I loathe douche bags.

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