Sunday, July 15, 2007

Wife Carrying 101

Congrats to Estonia's Madis Uusorg and Inga Klauso, the 2007 Wife Carrying World Champs! This year's competition was held on 7.7.07 in Sonkajärvi, Finland. The top American team of Johanna Ålander and John Lund (hailing from Boston) finished 8th.

The premise is pretty simple - men race while carrying women through an obstacle course. Numerous different carries are allowed: piggyback, fireman's carry, or the preferred Estonia-style (pictured above). Major competitions are also held in Wisconsin and Michigan. The North American Championships take place every Columbus Day weekend in Maine.

More information can be found at the World Championship's official website, to include past results, rules, pictures AND the registration form for 2008's competition. Also check out Wiki for a little history lesson.

The LOML and I are already training for next year's event. Why you ask? First prize is the wife's weight in beer!

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RatBat Bear said...

Now there are 3 reasons to visit Finland. We already had Finlandia vodka and the Midnight Sun. This completes the trifecta. I'm sure Greece was cool, but think about the alternatives next time!