Friday, July 13, 2007

We love you Greece! Let's have a smoke.

The LOML and I had a blast in Greece. Despite the previously mentioned challenges we had with traveling, we chewed that country up and spit it out. Here's a recap:

Athens - If you go to Greece, you have to hit Athens - at least the first time. After arriving (1 suitcase short), we took a 5 hour nap, ate dinner, and then slept for 14 hours. The next day was spent at the Acropolis and touring the city. It's crazy how densely populated that city is - from a distance it look like the buildings are built on top of each other. It's also crazy how dirty it is - enough to overthrow Cairo as the nastiest city I've ever been.

Mykonos - After a few days, we took a boat to Mykonos, which is known as the party island of Greece. We ended up staying at one of the quieter beaches on the island, which was good for our minds, bodies and livers. This place was beautiful - the hotel and the views around the island. We essentially spent 3 days by the pool/beach reading, eating, sleeping and playing rummy (the LOML was showing no mercy and consistently schooled me). On the last night, we decided to end our stay in paradise with warm olive oil massages at the spa - NICE!

Santorini - Our last stop. The hotel we stayed at wasn't nearly as nice, but the town (Fira) had a lot more going on. We kicked it at Murphy's (Irish bar) one night and threw back many malted beverages and shots. We spent a day on the black sand beaches. And on our final day, we hiked to the top of an active volcano, swam in the hot springs and capped it off by watching the sun set at a restaurant on the edge of the island.

All in all, a hell of trip. Highly recommended.

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