Sunday, July 15, 2007

It figures


I live in the DC area and as such, I have limited opportunities to see a Phillies game on TV. If the fact that there are essentially 2 local baseball teams (the Nats and Orioles for you geographically challenged readers) isn't reason enough, als consider that the Phightin' Phils aren't the biggest draw out there. It could be worse though, I could be a Pirates fan.

That being said, I try to make every attempt to catch a Phils game when they're on TV. Unfortunately, it seems as if every time the network schedulers throw us out-of-town Philly fans a bone by putting them on the airwaves, the Phils blow it by... well, blowing it.
Case in point last evening's shellacking on ESPN against the Cardinals. The Phils' last few games had already received quite a bit of press over the weekend because they were 1 loss away from the illustrious 10,000. I was actually surprised how much hype it was getting on a national level, but my Pops pointed out that it was mostly self-inflicted by the always positive and upbeat Philly sports fans. Way to bring attention to yourself Philadelphians - especially for something negative (I'm sure I'm not helping by blogging about it either).

Back to the point of this. The Phils marked their 10,000th loss by getting beat down 10-2 while allowing 6 homers. I will give them this - when they go down, they go down with gusto. Now that they finally got that out of the way, maybe they can focus on the pennant race.

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