Friday, July 20, 2007

Hooray Friday!

- The White Stripes played their 10th anniversary show last Saturday in Nova Scotia - a 30-plus song, 2 1/2 hour barn burner. They've been popping up in the strangest of places - on the back of a boat, at a YMCA day camp, flour mill, museum, classroom, park and bowling alley. Now this a band for the people! If I was a rock star, I'd be like the White Stripes. See clips on Product Shop NYC and RatBat Bear.

- Bob Marley alert! Aquarium Drunkard has posted tracks from a 1973 radio session and 1976 concert. I, for one, will be digging in to these this weekend.

- I haven't had the chance (or quite frankly, the desire) to dive into the new Ryan Adam release, Easy Tiger - however, it seems to be picking up steam in numerous blogs. Alternate versions of some of the tracks can be found on I am fuel, you are friends.

- Same blog, different artist. Spoon has an EP of bonus material called Get Nice! Sample some of the offerings here.
- My Old Kentucky Blog has a few Dappled Cities tracks from the MOKB Radio show on Sirius here. I also uncovered Tokyo Police Club tracks from the same radio show here. Good stuff, but not quite enough to get me to pay for satellite radio (I'm a cheap bastard).
- I'm liking what I'm hearing from the White Rabbits. I'm also liking free, unreleased songs. Damn the man, I say! If you want to damn the man too, check them out here.

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