Monday, July 30, 2007

The funniest show on TV

The LOML and I look forward to this show every week - although we usually catch one of the replays. Why, you ask? Because the episodes are first aired on Friday nights and we normally spend those throwing back a few at the local watering hole… duh.

Anyway, did anyone else watch it back in the day when John Henson (the guy with the white patch of hair on the back of his dome piece) hosted what was then known as Talk Soup? I could be wrong, but I think my pops watched it back then too. I never got into Greg Kinnear, who preceded Henson. Then there was that dude Hal Sparks (if you don’t remember him, you’re not the only one). But then, Aisha Tyler… Gussy likey!

Joel McHale and the crew do an awesome job every week and come up with some seriously funny shit. And McHale’s delivery is dry and sarcastic (my delivery of choice as well)… priceless.

So watch The Soup on Fridays at 10pm. But don’t tell us what happened. We’ll either catch it on Saturday at 10am or 11:30pm or Sunday at 10:30am - or if we’ve completely pickled our livers that weekend, Wednesday at 6pm.

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