Tuesday, August 7, 2007

And people wonder why Philly fans are so bitter

Last week, The Sporting News came out with their annual "Best Sports Cities" list and after looking it over, I call BULLSHIT! The "expert" Bob Hillie who concocted this list needs to ease up on the wacky tabacky and get back to reality.

#1 went to Detroit and you honestly can't argue with that. I mean the Pistons, Tigers, Red Wings and Wolverines (yes, Ann Arbor was included in the Detroit area) all had good seasons. Hell, they should be at the top, or at least near it, every year.

Philly came in a respectable, but underrated 9th. I don't really have a beef with the list until #'s 7 and 8. Denver? Phoenix?? How can you diss a city in which 20,000 fans attended the 1st day of Eagles training camp last Friday? It made me even happier when I had to scroll down all the way to #83 to see State College, PA - home of the Nittany Lions. I don't think so Bob... no thank you.

The top ten are listed below. You can see the complete list and article (to include suspect ranking criteria) here.

1. Detroit (incl. Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti)
2. New York
3. Dallas-Fort Worth
4. Chicago (incl. Evanston)
5. Los Angeles
6. Boston
7. Denver (incl. Boulder)
8. Phoenix (incl. Tempe)
9. Philadelphia
10. Minneapolis-St. Paul

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RatBat Bear said...

"We take a 12-month snapshot, roughly July to July, of each city's sports, putting a heavy premium on regular-season won-lost records (from the most recently completed season); playoff berths, bowl appearances and tournament bids; championships..." It sounds to me like Philly should be significantly furthur down the list. The Eagles suck. The Flyers had the worst season in recent history. I forgot the 76ers even exist. And the Phils are okay. The fans deserve a medal for not leaving Pennsylvania. But there would be no reason for someone who is not unfortunate enough to have been born there to ever venture within the city limits, unless it was to go see Spoon play at the Electric Factory...