Tuesday, August 14, 2007

His momma must be so proud!

I'm sitting here, looking at this picture thinking, "At what point did this guy think this was a good idea?" Kasey Kazee, a 24-year old brainiac from Kentucky did this to himself before he robbed a liquor store. What ever happened to a ski mask? Or pantyhose?

This story is so intriguing... time to play a little "Good, Better, Best"

GOOD - One would think that he'd put himself through this for a huge payday. Unfortunately, he only made out with 2 rolls of change from the store - that might not even pay for the duct tape!

BETTER - In an interview after the incident, he denied being the robber. So you duct taped your melon just to walk around town? I guess he thinks everyone else is as stupid as him.

BEST - Besides his ego, do you know what's going to hurt the most? When they pull the duct tape off of his upper lip - I'm sure the police aren't going to be too gentle. Yikes!
Read the story here.

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