Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Say hello to Steely McBeam

Can you guess which is the Pittsburgh Steelers' new mascot, Steely McBeam and which the construction worker from the Village People? While I find Mr. McBeam pretty f-ing amusing, what's been even funnier is the reaction from the media and fans. Some highlights:
  • It sounds like "a porn star' name" - Tony Kornheiser of The Washington Post and ESPN's Pardon the Interruption
  • "I guess 'Tod the Rod' didn’t test well in focus groups." - Comment on Balloon Juice blog
  • "I wanna play in Pitts – burgh, P.A." - Comment on same blog, in keeping with the whole Village People theme (hey, it could be the new Steelers fight song)
  • "Seriously, do we really need to name the mascot the way an 8-year-old names his hermit crab? Look, ma! It's Pinchy McShell" or "Look, it's Hermie McCrab!" - from Kissing Suzie Kolber blog

and my personal favorite:

  • "That's not such a bad name, although I would have gone with Sir Craven Dicken-Balz."
Thanks to Deadspin for the side-by-side comparison.

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