Saturday, August 4, 2007

Greece revisted

I almost forgot that I took this picture. This was a little lesson in fatherhood for me while we were in Greece.

See this classy lady grinding away on a table at an Irish bar on Santorini? Thanks to some good investigative reporting by the LOML, I found out that she and her younger sister were vacationing by themselves in Greece. NOTE: Her younger sister was just to the left of the picture (she was standing at ground level), making out with some other guy. Apparently, they weren’t happy because their dad wouldn’t let them vacation at Mykonos (it’s known as the party island). Good decision dad!

Although I found this extremely amusing at the time, upon further reflection I’d like to change my feelings please. This makes me not want to have a daughter. And if I have one, it makes me want to lock her in the house… forever.

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