Tuesday, June 26, 2007

9,991 and counting

When I tell people that I'm from Philadelphia (regardless of what we're talking about), more times than not I'm told how bad Philadelphia fans are. Mean, nasty, vulgar, disrespectful, and obscene are just some of the words that they use to generalize us. Inevitably, one of two things (and many times both) gets brought up in that conversation - the time that we booed Santa Clause and the fact that the old Veteran's Stadium had a jail in the basement.
We Philly fans love our sports teams - but we probably love to hate them even more. Just tune into WIP (610AM) for a bit if you happen to be cruising through Philly. You'll never hear more bitching and moaning than you will from the callers (and hosts). Is it like this in other major sports cities? Probably. But we Philly fans do it with a certain panache - one that usually involves a few 4-letter words and that distinctive Philadelphia accent.
In true Philadelphia fashion, Celebrate10000.com was created to commemorate the 10,000th loss of the Philadelphia Phillies - which according to the website is the first sports team in history to accomplish such a feat. Looks like the Phils are only 9 losses away from the milestone. Thanks to mru for passing this on.

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mru said...

It gives me great pleasure to join in your celebration of this milestone. The Pirates may suck again this year, but the Phillies are all jagoffs. And the Eagles. And the Flyers. Especially the Flyers. This is the only consolation I have as a Pittsburgh fan.