Saturday, June 30, 2007

Datarock does just that - it rocks!

I came across these characters while browsing through iTunes as the Phils were getting spanked by the Mets on national TV - 9,995 losses and counting! Datarock may take the cake for the most interesting duo ever (yes, more interesting than Milli Vanilli). They hail from Norway and, well, I think their Myspace bio explains it all...

Many moons ago, atop one of seven mountains surrounding a picturesque Norwegian countryside, two scruffy-faced individuals-Fredrik Saroea and the man known simply as Ket-Ill-made a pact to alter the face of contemporary music as we know it by single-handily transforming themselves into what they called the peak of pop evolution.
Their only scheduled tour dates at this time are in Europe - here's to hoping that a US tour is around the corner. Their new EP, I Used to Dance With My Daddy hits stores July 10th (pre-order via Amazon).

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