Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The National tomorrow night - ohhhh boy!

[The National]

To say that I'm looking forward to The National concert tomorrow night at the 9:30 Club would be an understatement. Although I don't enjoy Boxer as much as Alligator, that's like saying I don't like a Geno's cheese with (that's a cheesesteak with onions for all of you Philly cheesesteak virgins) as much as much as like one from Pat's. They're both delicious - one to the ears drums and one to the taste buds.

This will be my second time seeing them - the first being last October at the Black Cat in which I scored a free ticket from a generous passerby. The show is sold out, so this should be interesting (you know, with me not liking people and all).
UPDATE - Look mom, I learned how to insert pictures!


Anonymous said...

What? You're nuts "Gusruss," if that's your real name. "Alligator" is the Geno's to "The Boxer's" Pat's. Next, you'll be telling us that you prefer ass to boobs.


Gus said...

In fact, I am an ass-man. There's just something about a nice turd-cutter.

Maybe tonight will change my opinion (about the albums, not the ass/boobs debate). Until then...

mru said...

There's a new superhero in town, and I think you may have pissed her off, Gus. Stop over to check out this video, cause I think she's coming for you!http://lesmisanthropesdeux.blogspot.com/2007/06/comic-book-movies.html

Gus said...

My arch-enemy!! Thanks for the warning.