Saturday, June 30, 2007

Band of Horses interview (and others)


From The Line of the Best Fit:
"Earlier this month, Band of Horses finally made it over to the UK for a
whistlestop tour. Rich Thane caught up with frontman Ben Bridwell to find out
what the band have been upto since the release of last years outstanding debut Everything All The Time, and how they’ve found playing to a UK audience for the first time. "
I didn't realize until a few minutes ago that Mat Brooke left the band almost a year ago. Hopefully, that doesn't effect their sophomore effort. Ben Bridwell doesn't seem to think it will, but then again, would you expect him to say anything different? Anyway, check out the interview here.

Also, TLOTBF has a few other interviews posted, including the band that I said I wouldn't talk about for a while and The Twilight Sad.

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